What is test self-completion?

At Spot On Learning we work hard to provide quality testing. One important aspect of this is the accuracy of the results in reflecting the participant’s true level of English.

We use test reviews, teacher evaluations and extra checks to ensure the results are accurate. However, there is an additional element that forms an important part of the process.

Test self-completion

By test self-completion we mean that our participants should complete the tests that are assigned to them themselves. If a third party helps them take the test, the result will be inaccurate and invalid.

Types of third-party help that are not allowed

Third-party help in this case refers to any aspect of the test that the participant is not doing/completing themselves. This includes

  • copying answers from the Internet
  • asking friends or relatives for help
  • letting someone else take the test on their behalf

What happens if participants use third-party help?

If we have any reason to believe that third-party help has been used, we are obliged to report to our clients that test scores may be inaccurate. In order to avoid situations like this we ask you to complete the tests yourself to ensure your score is accurate and valid for professional purposes. Ultimately, this saves time and avoids unnecessary problems.

If you comply with the test self-completion standard and complete the tests yourself, we can ensure the quality of testing given to you.

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