Why do I have to do two English Tests?

English Testing via Zoom/Skype and via multiple-choice

At Spot On Learning, we work with two English Tests to estimate the overall English level: a 20-minute Zoom or Skype conversation with an English tutor and a separate multiple-choice test. The combination makes the Spot On Learning testing methodology both comprehensive and practical. 

The multiple-choice test resembles the traditional and conventional type of testing you often see in university and schools. The English Level Test (and Level Up Test) via Zoom or Skype demands more from the participants than multiple-choice tests. Among other things, this test lets participants improvise and will test the available language skills. The situation in the Level Test is more similar to how communication in English usually takes place in real life. The Online Level Test (Zoom/Skype) score is, therefore, often somewhat lower than tests in schools and other online tests of language institutes. 

Your score in the Online Level Test is leading over the multiple-choice test. The multiple-choice test, however, is to nuance and serves as an extra measurable check to balance the assessment of the tutor.

You'll complete one of these three tests:

  1. An online Grammar & Vocabulary Test
  2. An online Grammar, Vocabulary & Reading test
  3. An online Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading & Writing test

All three examinations will estimate your skill level in grammar and vocabulary. Depending on the needs of the company, you will do an additional reading or writing test. When you enter the system, Spot On Learning will arrange the test, the company wants you to do. It'll be available right after you completed your onboarding.



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