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Spot On Learning helps international organisations with international crews and teams learn faster. This helps them stay safe, comply with international rules and regulations, communicate better and work more efficiently, and in general: be more successful. International professionals working in globalised industries are often highly motivated to learn with us because we make learning personal, help them learn at times and in places that suit them and add to their value as a skilled worker in international markets.

Developing team and crew members in international environments

My.spotonlearning.eu is the learning environment for our participants, who are professionals working in global industries and businesses from all over the world. Our students (we call them participants) are for instance:

  • seafarers and other maritime professionals
  • offshore professionals and offshore engineers
  • international construction workers and engineers
  • knowledge workers in high-tech industries

The My.SpotOnLearning.eu environment is used as a central location to enter your courses, check out your test scores and get support from Spot On Learning's support desk team.

Reporting for principals and (crewing) agents

For HR and HQSM professionals, crewing agents and others involved at the principals and employers of the professionals we provide timely and relevant information about learning targets, learning progress and learning results. Our clients receive access to information about their teams and crews to make collaboration between those involved easy and seamless.

How our learning programs work

Spot On Learning's online learning programs are always personalized and focussed on clear targets. These elements are present in all our English language programs:

  1. we always start with a level test or assessment to be sure where each participant needs to improve and where he is already on the level required
  2. work on general English language skills, including pronunciation and fluency (in many cases people can improve on those most)
  3. level check to make sure a certain required level is attained
  4. when at a certain required level, we start working on a specific vocabulary (for instance 'maritime English'  and specific contextual language skills (radio communication, writing service reports, etc.)

Examples of programs and courses

  • Maritime English Video Courses - Cargo & Cargo Handling, Engine Room Communication (in development)
  • Intercultural Communication in the Maritime World
  • Malaria Awareness
  • Business English

EnglishCentral - a platform for learning and speaking English

We use EnglishCentral – a highly attractive and interactive platform – to enable our customers to learn English in a playful, enjoyable and effective way. EnglishCentral is a company with global operations. It started in Boston, home of many successful tech companies, was funded by Google Ventures and has expanded its user base exponentially in Asia and South America.

Platform for adaptive learning

Spot On Learning is developing a number of e-learning programs and blended learning programs for international companies and their teams. Adaptive learning is an exciting new development in the (business) learning world because it makes it easier to personalize learning and on the other hand to make it a networked experience. Spot On Learning helps to make learning just as addictive and collaborative as social networks we all use heavily.

Are you interested to hear more from us? Questions?

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us. You can reach our support desk using the email or chat functionality on this website (look for the green tab with text 'mail' or 'chat'). You can also send email directly to support[at]spotonlearning.nl from your email system if you have any questions as a participant (student) or as a client. If you are interested in our products and services, you can send email directly to our sales and business development team using sales[at]spotonlearning.nl. Of course, you can always visit our English website.


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Spot On Learning helps international organisations with international crews and teams learn faster.

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