Smart use of data and personal approach help participants accelerate
Most students in our English language programs will improve by following the video programs we provide if they exercise regularly for 8 - 12 weeks. The students will find their way on the platform intuitively, the feedback the system provides will steer them towards necessary personal improvements. Spot On Learning's support desk will monitor their progress and keep them on track by sending email tips. This model is for the largest part a 'self-service model'. Some students however, need some help by (online or local) teachers to improve fast enough. In our experience about 20% of the students need to follow an acceleration program to reach their learning goals in time.
All on the same screen
Our participants work and learn in networks. Spot On Learning's support desk monitors progress and results and helps participants go through the program smoothly on their way to their personal learning targets. Principals and intermediary agencies can follow progress and results of the participants they are connected to online. Supporting teachers and coaches take decisions about necessary support and learning interventions based on the information. Our program of sharing information in the supporting network around the participants is called 'All On The Same Screen'.
Information, explanation, guides for all involved
At Spot On Learning we work in an international network to deliver our products and services. We often work with our clients' HR, crewing and other departments, with (crewing) agents and other HR intermediaries and with a network of teachers. We provide these and other partners with a lot of information. In this article an overview of information we have available for different key players in the supporting network.
A key player close to the crew and team members that are learning
Welcome to the world of modern learning in international environments. Spot On Learning and your company have formed a partnership to help teams and crews improve language and communication skills. This helps to stay safe, work efficiently and enjoy work more together. A coordinator close to the teams and crews has an important role to form a supporting network and help colleagues reach their learning goals. In this article we explain the role of the (training or learning) coordinator.
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