General English course study tips

If you want to reach the required level as soon as possible, there are a few things we would highly reccomend you to do: improve your speech, increase your vocabulary and study on a weekly basis for 3 hours.

Maritime English course study tips

Our Maritime Communication program helps professionals in the maritime industry communicate better across cultures in English. Follow our learning strategy to enhance the chance of passing the test.

What is GoLive!?

GoLive! Is a 1-on-1 live session with a private tutor from EnglishCentral. The session takes around 20-25 minutes. The live lessons are great for motivated students who want to improve their pronunciation and become more fluent. The sessions can be booked via EnglishCentral.

    How does the Online Level Test work?

    An EnglishCentral teacher will assess your English level via an online conversation using Zoom or Skype. In this conversation, you will answer several personal questions and you might have to perform a couple of exercises. Read this article to prepare yourself for the Level Test. 

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