What is GoLive!?

Assess, improve and increase your English knowledge even more

GoLive! Is a 1-on-1 live session with a private tutor from EnglishCentral. The session takes around 20-25 minutes. The live lessons are great for motivated students who want to improve their pronunciation and become more fluent. The sessions can be booked via EnglishCentral.

    How does GoLive! work? 

    You have three options with GoLive!:

    • Open talk - choose your topic
    • Level Up Test - check your progress (not the official Level Up Test)
    • Discuss a video

    Discuss a video

    Every video on EnglishCentral has got it's own ‘Lesson Plan’. The Lesson Plan consists of four tasks the participants have to perform. The teacher will ask the participant to do four things in the GoLive!-session. To improve the English skills of the student: 

    Speak the video transcript 

    • Improve pronunciation skills by receiving tips on the pronunciation
    • Increase vocabulary by discussing words the participant did not understand. 

    Discuss the featured words

    • Check if you understand the featured words in the video

    Answer the comprehension questions 

    • Assess your listening skills by answering multiple-choice questions about the video

    Answer the discussion questions 

    • Work on the fluency by answering open-ended questions. 

    Example of a Lesson Plan: https://www.englishcentral.com/videodetails/19863

    After completion, you’ll receive tips and tricks to speed up your progress and get more out of EnglishCentral., you can also listen to your audio.


    How many GoLive! sessions can I book?

    You can schedule up to 30 GoLive! session per month (one every day). After gaining 600 experience points the option will be available, this is similar to completing 2-3 videos. 

    How do I book a GoLive! session?

    To be able to start with GoLive! sessions, your EnglishCentral subscription needs to be upgraded first. GoLive! is not available for every user. Contact your coordinator to check if GoLive! is also available for you. Once you have access, you can choose to book a GoLive!:

    • When watching a video (a yellow box will appear after speaking the lines)
    • in the ‘MyEnglish’ → ‘MyLessons’ section

    Note: GoLive! is not available for every user. Contact your coordinator to check if GoLive! is also available for you.

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