How do the multiple-choice English tests work?

All test options that Spot On Learning provides consist of a 20 minute Zoom/Skype conversation with an English teacher and an optional separate multiple-choice test. 

The (Zoom/Skype) Level Test can be combined with the following test:

  1. An online Grammar & Vocabulary Test
  2. An online Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading & Writing test

The multiple-choice test is to nuance and serves as an extra measurable check to balance the assessment of the tutor. Depending on how many questions per test, the norms differ. Underneath, you can see how many items you need to answer correctly to get a certain CEFR Level per test.

Scoring system of the multiple-choice tests

The norms may differ according to how many questions there are per test. Underneath you can see how many questions you need to answer correctly to reach a certain required level. You can see what your CEFR level is from your final score. 

CEFR LEVEL Grammar & Vocabulary Test (60 questions) Grammar, Vocabulary, Reading & Writing Test (Final score)
A1 0-12 0-20
A2 13-24 21-40
B1 25-36 41-60
B2 37-48 61-80
C1 49-60


To see the matching CEFR level of each test, click on 'Show Report' in the scorecard or use the table to extract the CEFR Level.

Go to the article linked underneath to read more about the CEFR levels

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How is my Level Test score related to my CEFR level?

After you have taken your Level Test, you will receive your result. Your Level Test score is indicated as an EnglishCentral (EC) level (1 - 7). In the table below you can see how these EC levels are mapped to CEFR levels (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2) and scores on a 1-100 scale used by Spot On Learning.

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