How can I reschedule my Level Test/Level Up Test?

In case you have scheduled your Level Test or Level Up Test but somehow cannot make it to the requested time, you can always reschedule your Level Test anytime up to 1 hour prior to the scheduled time.
If you miss your Level Test without rescheduling or you were unable to connect with the teacher on time, your session will be marked as missed and noted in your account.

To reschedule

  1. Go to the 'GoLive!' page,
  2. Here you see your upcoming Level Test or Level Up Test.
  3. Click on 'Reschedule' to find a new date/time
  4. Make sure to change the tutor to 'Recommended Tutor' in the scheduler

Screenshot of the reschedule page

Screenshot of where to change to 'Recommended Tutor'

  • Level Test: sometimes it can take up to an hour for the session to be marked as missed. If after waiting for an hour you are still unable to re-schedule your Level Test, please let us know! 
  • Level Up Test: in case you missed your Level Up Test, you will have to plan a new date/time via this Level Up Test request form.

Please make sure you add the re-assigned teacher on Skype.

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