How do I schedule the Level Up Test (LUT)?

The Level Up Test (LUT) is a 20-minute conversation with an tutor on Zoom or Skype. It measures your improvement compared to the Level Test and is similar to it in structure. You can schedule the LUT when you have completed all of your courses. Read below to find out how you can check if you have completed your courses and fill in the form to request the LUT.

First check if all of your courses are 100% completed

Before you use the form below to request the Level Up Test, please make sure you have finished all courses assigned to you. Here is a screenshot of what fully completed courses look like. If you want to know more, we advise you go through our General English guide.

The Level Up Test request form

Please fill out the form below to request the LUT

  • If you are in a hurry, we advise you take the LUT on a weekday. This is so because more teachers are available and your score will be sent sooner!

What will happen after I fill in the form?

After filling in the form, you will receive a confirmation email. In the meantime, we will start working on scheduling your LUT. This includes ensuring that the date & time you requested are available and that there is a tutor who can conduct the test.

  • If you chose Zoom to take the LUT: After logging into your EnglishCentral account, the red "Start Your Lesson" button in the "Live! Lessons" tab will become clickable 5 minutes before the test. Press it to enter the Zoom waiting room and the tutor will invite you to the main room as soon as they are available.
  • If you chose Skype to take the LUT: Make sure you add the teacher in Skype so they can call you. Be available 5-10 minutes before the test.

Please note that we need at least 2 working days to schedule the LUT.

What will happen after the Level Up Test? 

After you perform the LUT, we will upload your result to your scorecard on Usually, this does not take longer than 3 working days and you will receive an email once your result is available. In that email, we also include some tips and tricks for your further improvement.

Please read…

Where can I find my Skype Name?

If you want to know your Skype Name, e.g., to take the Level (Up) Test using Skype (it can also be done through Zoom), you can find instructions on how to find it in this article.

How can I reschedule my Level Test?

You can reschedule your Level Test up to 1 hour prior to its start. If you miss your Level Test or you are unable to connect with your teacher on time, your session will be marked as "Missed" in your account. After this is done, you will be able to schedule a new Level Test.

How is the Level (Up) Test graded?

At Spot On Learning, we strive for our tests to be conducted with the same quality and as consistently as possible. The tests we offer and the associated quality control described below are designed in such a way that all our participants are tested in an equal manner. If you think that your test result is not accurate, please take steps below to let us know.

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