How can I schedule a Level Up Test (LUT)?

Checking your progress

The Level Up Test (LUT) is a one-on-one 20-minute Skype call with a teacher, just like the Level Test. You can schedule a LUT once you completed your courses. Go to this article to request your Level Up Test! 

  • Try to schedule your LUT during weekdays. We've got more teachers available and your score will be sent sooner!

Checking course completion

All courses need to have a 100% mark. You can check this on EnglishCentral. 

EnglishCentral browser: 'MyClass' --> 'Group Courses'

EnglishCentral app: 'MyEnglish' --> 'My Classes' --> 'Courses'

    What will happen after I filled in the form?

    After filling in the form you will receive a confirmation of your application by email. SOL Support will find a tutor, we'll confirm which tutor will call you via email. 

    • Make sure you add the teacher on Skype so she can call you.
    • In case you would like to use a different Skype ID than the one in the confirmation email, inform the teacher as soon as possible via Skype! 

    What will happen after the Level Up Test? 

    After you performed the Level Up Test, we will send your score by e-mail. It takes us up to 2 working days to establish the correct score. In this email, we also include some tips and tricks to improve even more.

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