How does the CEFR (Skype) Level Test work?

The 20-minute talk with an English teacher on Skype

An EnglishCentral teacher will assess your English level via a Skype conversation. In this conversation, you will answer several personal questions and you might have to perform a couple of exercises. Read this article to prepare yourself for the Level Test. 

English Tests of The Spot On Learning & EnglishCentral

At Spot On Learning, we offer English Tests and English Language Programs to help international teams communicate better. Together with our testing partner EnglishCentral, we will assess your English level and if needed, help you reach the required level. Spot On Learning and EnglishCentral are both independent parties.

English CEFR Level Test over Skype

The Level Test over Skype is a 20-minute session with a trained Filipino teacher who is able to talk to learners of all levels. In the Level Test, you will be asked several questions to assess your English Level. Based on how well you can answer the specific questions,

Subjects that will be covered

During the Skype conversation, you will discuss several subjects: 

  1. Greetings & Introductions. Your teacher will call you on the assigned date and time. You will exchange names and greetings, be prepared to introduce yourself.
  2. Topic Comprehension. Depending on your level, your teacher will ask you questions about your interests, your family, your profession, etc.
  3. Your English Learning Goals. Your teacher will ask about your goals for learning English and how you study English right now. 
  4. Repeat Words & Sentences. Listen carefully as your teacher gives you a few words or sentences to repeat in order to evaluate your pronunciation and listening skills.
  5. Wrap up. Your teacher will provide brief feedback on your grammar, pronunciation, and fluency. The results and feedback are provided in a Level Test report, which will be available for download at 'Your Scorecards' once your Level Test has been reviewed.  

Level Test report and Personal Learning Plan

After doing the Level Test you'll receive a Level Test report with a personal learning plan. In this plan you can find your current English level which represents the average of your scores on the following 5 areas:

  1. Listening comprehension
  2. Grammar and vocabulary
  3. Speaking
  4. Pronunciation
  5. Fluency

Click here to view a sample of a Level Test report.

Your Level Test score

You'll receive an email once your final CEFR score is determined and uploaded to your account, go to this article to see where you can find your final result. It'll be made available within 2 working days. 

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