What can I do if I do not agree with my Level (Up) test score?

About the methodology, quality checks and complaints

Spot On Learning strives to have the tests carried out as consistently as possible with the same quality. The tests we offer and the associated quality control are designed in such a way that all participants and applicants are tested in an equal manner. If you feel your test score is not correct, please let us know. In this article we explain more about tests, quality checks, what you can do if you feel a test result is not correct and what procedures we follow if that happens.


There are sound and tested methods behind the twenty minute conversation over Zoom or Skype that our partner EnglishCentral uses for what we call our 'Zoom/Skype Level Tests' and Zoom/Skype Level Up Tests'.

Structured conversation and script

Although, when being tested, you might have gotten the impression that your twenty minute test was only a random, informal conversation, it was actually a structured conversation with a clear underlying script.

The teachers that took the test worked with so-called 'can do statements'. These are based on the CEFR standard, which is a European standard for determining to what extent a person masters a second language. CEFR is short for Common European Framework of Reference for languages. Below are some links to websites with more information about the CEFR standard.

The teacher that took the test had determined your score based on a method that is used every time in exactly the same way. But of course there is always some room for interpretation. Because the teachers Spot On Learning and it's partner EnglishCentral work with are trained well, and because we work with experienced teachers the outcome has proven to be reliable and consistent.

Quality control after the test

After the EnglishCentral teacher has determined a score for a Zoom/Skype Level Test (or Level Up Test) and has determined the subscores for listening, speaking, vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar) he will generate a report and make that available for a Spot On Learning support professional. He will look into the report and listen to the audio recording of the test. He will then compare the test recording to other recordings of validated tests participants from the same country. He will choose to compare the test with a recorded test with about the same score and then with tests that had a slightly lower and/or slightly higher score. In this way the consistency of the outcome of the test is double-checked.

What to do if you do not agree with your score?

  • If you have the feeling that the score of your test is not correct or not fair this is what you can do.
  • Send mail to testquality@spotonlearning.eu or contact the support desk using the chat button or contact form on my.spotonlearning.eu.
  • Provide the details  of the test and your own name and contact details (date/time it was taken, name of the teacher, your skype and email address).
  • Let us know why you have reason to believe the score is not correct.

Second evaluation of test results

Your test report and score will then be evaluated once more by:

  • A support desk employee of Spot On Learning
  • An EnglishCentral teacher with more than average experience that has not been involved in determining your initial score.

You will then receive an email with your test score after the review. This is the final score. It can be different from the first score or the score is the same as your initial score. In both cases there will be an explanation. There is no option to do another review of this final score.

Spot On Learning will also inform your employer (our client) explaining that there has been (or still is) a discussion about the score and we will provide some details about the procedure that has been followed.

Role of Spot On Learning and it's client (employer)

It is always up to our client, in most cases the employer of a participant, to choose what to do with the outcome of a Spot On Learning test.

If you still do not agree with the score, please feel free to inform us at Spot On Learning. A member of our management team will always look into your case but will not make any changes to the score after the review. The score after review is always the final score. But by looking into all cases where people disagree and by evaluating all testing methods and test outcomes periodically we hope to keep learning and improving our methods and procedures.

More information about the CEFR standard


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