Weekly goals: how to keep track of your own progress on EnglishCentral

Spot On Learning will send you reminders about all sorts of English Central features, but will also remind you to reach your target. If you want to finish the program in two months, it is important to follow the weekly goals as set in EnglishCentral. 

Keep track of your own progress

It is also important that you keep track of your own progress. The image below shows your weekly goals. In the image below the weekly goals are:  Watch Videos - 15 Learn Words - 150 Speak Lines - 150.

Spot On Learning participants usually have these weekly goals, check your progress overview on EnglishCentral to check your weekly goals.

Where to find your weekly goals

You can find your weekly goals: 

  • Desktop: 'My Class'--> 'Class Home'
  • IOS: 'MyEnglish' --> 'My Class' --> 'Class Home'
  • Android: 'MyEnglish' --> 'My Class' --> 'Class Home'

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