Where can I find the 'quiz' functionality on EnglishCentral and how can I use it to learn words?

Personalized 'my words' study list helps expand your vocabulary

Learning (new) words and how to use them is a large part of learning English. Let us explain how the EnglishCentral quiz functionality can help you learn words faster, remember them better and also understand how words can be used in different ways.

'My Words' personal study list

Below you can see where you can find your personalized 'My Words' study list and use the quiz functionality. You can also find it by going to the following URL: https://www.englishcentral.com/vocabulary/

This function is also available on the EnglishCentral app, you can find it under"MyEnglish" --> "My words". 

Why use the quiz functionality?

The personalized quiz functionality helps you:

  1. Understand the meaning of the words
  2. Learn how you can use words in different ways
  3. Memorize the words you have just learned
  4. Expand your vocabulary for a longer period of time

How to add words from a video to the quizlist

You can choose the words you want to quiz. It would be a great waste of time to quiz the words you already know. When you come across a word in a video you have never heard of or you might not be sure what the right definition is. Click on the word to see the definition and a usage example. By clicking on the heart, you will add this word to your quiz-words.

The 'My Words' page

First a little explanation of all the options on the page, to make sure you really make the most of this feature: 

  1. In the header, you can choose which words you want to see. For example: all the 'favorites' words, or all the words you have quizzed and answered incorrectly. 
  2.  In the progress colomn you can see how many times you have quizzed/practiced a word. 
  3.  In the next colomn "Level" you can see what level a certain word is. Try to focus more on the words you don't know and words of higher levels, to really expand your vocabulary.
  4. If there are words in your list that you already know you can remove them on the right side with the 'I know this word' symbol.
  5. You can also ' favorite' a word by clicking the 'heart' symbol.  

Set up your words to start the quiz

If you have selected the words you want to quiz, just click on the blue 'Start Quiz' button. 

This is an example of what a quiz question will look like. You will answer all the words you have selected for the quiz. Below the answers, you will see how many words you have quizzed of the total words. 

Once you have answered all the questions, you get a quick overview of all the words you have quizzed and whether you have answered with the correct meaning of the words. 


Once you have quizzed a word, this word is going to "sleep", this means it will move to the end of your list of words. Once you have quizzed a word 5 times, you have 'mastered' it. You should then be able to recall the word easily from memory. 


You now know the most important functions of the Quiz feature. Have fun quizzing!

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