How can I find my courses?

All courses that are assigned to you will be displayed on your personal homepage. Often courses, or course-elements form a program that should be followed in a specific order. In that case you can start at the top of the list. Next courses or course-elements will be made available later, when you have finished the ones that should be done first.

Courses and course-elements that you have finished will also be visible on your homepage. Scroll down to find

English language programs: video courses on

If you have been tested and added to one of Spot On Learning's English language programs, we will also assign videocourses on the platform of Spot On Learning's partner EnglishCentral. These will also be displayed on your homepage but from there you will be sent to the EnglishCentral platform or the mobile app if you prefer to use that. Visit te articles below to see how you can find your courses on or in the EnglishCentral apps (IOS and Android).

Please keep in mind that this can depend on the type of a device you are using, therefore make sure that you follow the correct steps outlined in these articles:

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