Three tips for working on the Maritime English course more effectively

Maritime English Study Tips
Our Maritime Communication program helps professionals in the maritime industry communicate better across cultures in English. Follow our learning strategy to enhance the chance of passing the test.

1. Work with the Lesson Plans

Each Maritime video has got it's own Lesson Plan. Ideally, you should do this with every video, especially if you are already a more advanced learner. Lesson plans are a great way to study the video's in-depth and to increase the chance of passing the Maritime English end tests.

How does the Lesson Plan work?

  1. Read the text of the video under Video Transcript.
  2. Make sentences with the words under Vocabulary. Do you know the definition of these words?
  3. Answer the Comprehension Questions to assess if you fully understand the video.
  4. Discussion Questions are helpful questions that you can use to learn to elaborate on topics.

Where can I find the Lesson Plans? browser: Lesson Plans can be found on the right side of every video.

EnglishCentral App: Lesson Plans can be found in the first overview of every video. 


    2. Use the quizzing feature

    If you want to pass the test, you have to know all the words in the videos. By just seeing the word once, you won't remember it in the long run. Using the quizzing feature will benefit you in many ways. In this article, you can read more about the benefits of quizzing words

    Where can I find the option to quiz my words? browser: Go to the 'Vocabulary' section, click on 'View Words', Select the Maritime words you would like to quiz and click on 'Start Quiz'

    EnglishCentral app: Go to 'MyEnglish'and click on 'MyWords', select the words you want to quiz and choose 'Start Quiz'.

    How can add words to the quiz-list?

    Add words to the list directly from the video itself by clicking on a word in the subtitles in WATCH mode. You can also use the 'heart' button to make a word your favorite word. 

    3. Spread the videos over 6-8 weeks

    Our Maritime English courses consist of 25-30 videos. Even though it might be tempting to 'get it over with' and finish the videos in one go; we highly recommend watching 3-5 videos per week. After watching a video, you should make use of the lesson plan, as well as quiz the words every time you study.  Cutting corners won't help if you want to pass the test!  

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