Where can I find my Level Test Score?

Once you have performed your Online (Zoom or Skype) Level Test, we will upload your results after we did an extra quality check. It can take us around 1 or 2 working days to process the checking of your Online Level Test score. We will e-mail you once we've uploaded the results to your my.spotonlearning.eu account.

To find your Level Test results

  1. Login at my.spotonlearning.eu.
  2. Scroll down to go to 'Your scorecards'
  3. Check your 'Test/General English Class' scorecard
  4. Level Test Report = the report available for you to download

Legend of the scorecard

  • Startdate: the date you started
  • Required level: decided by your coordinator it is the level you need to reach, to finish the program. 
  • Level Test Score: this is your current English Level, it is determined by a teacher during the Skype Level Test.  
  • Level Test Date: the date you took your Level Test.
  • Level Test Report: this is where you can download your Level Test Report. In this report, you can find the details of your Level Test and the recommended videos the teacher assigned to you. 
  • Level Up Test Score: once you have taken a Level Up Test, this is where you can find your score. If you have taken a Level Up Test, below the score, you will also find the date and the report. 

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