I get scores and grades when I speak a video on EnglishCentral. How does it work?

Detailed feedback while you work on videos in 'speak' mode

EnglishCentral's Intellispeech system evaluates your accent. The grade you receive when speaking the videos is a combination of three elements:

  • Pronunciation: comparing how you speak versus how it should sound in English
  • Fluency: listening if there are silences in the lines you speak where they should not be or if the speed is not how it should be - compared to a fluent speaker
  • Completion: did you speak all words, or did you drop (or 'swallow') words?

While in speech mode, you will see:

  • Real-Time Feedback (in the Player)
  • Line Points
  • Video Grades

    Line points

    While going (in speak mode), the score you get per line is a so-called percentile. The percentile is about how well your spoken line matched the spoken range of native English speakers. Below you see how they are shown.

    Feedback from the player while you are working on the video in 'speak' mode

    After you have spoken a line, you will see immediate feedback on the player. This is what it can look like:


    • Word is blinking and yellow/orange: your pronunciation was very different from how a native speaker would pronounce this word
    • Pause mark (+-mark): inappropriate silence or unusual speed (too slow, too fast) Tip: do not pause when seeing a comma.
    • Word is red: this word was not spoken

    Overall grade/video-grade

    After speaking all the lines in the video, you'll see a video grade. This grade is a cumulative measure of the Intellispeech engine across all lines you have spoken in the video. In the following table you can see which grade you should get per required CEFR Level:

    Grade Percentile

    Required CEFR Level

    A+ >99% C2
    A 93 - 99% C1
    B+ 73 - 93% B2
    B 48 - 73% B1
    C+ 23 - 48% A2
    C 3 - 23% A1
    D 1 - 3% -
    F <1% -

    Summary and overall grade.

    Tips on how to get a higher video grade

    1. Don't pause when there's a comma: you will get a lower grade when pausing
    2. Change microphones (earplugs/without earplugs/headset) and check which one is working best: when intellispeech cannot hear you clearly, you'll get a lower grade. Try speaking via the app, change headphones, use other headsets, speak without a headset. 
    3. Short sentences are hard to get a good grade on: "he, he, he, he" or one-word lines like: "Alright." 
    4. If your score doesn't improve after 7 attempts, please continue. 
    5. Keep in mind: how the sentence is spoken in the video is not the only correct way: millions of native English speakers have pronounced the line you are trying to speak, it is only an example of how you can pronounce the line
    6. Most importantly: keep on trying, practice makes perfect!  

    Your pronunciation center

    The Pron Center automatically collects weak words that can be found under the "Pronunciation" section on EnglishCentral. Once the word has been mastered, it will be removed from the weak words list (same with the sounds).

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