How do the videos on EnglishCentral work?

A practical explanation on how you learn through videos matching your level

You will be assigned video courses that match your English CEFR Level. Challenging enough for you to improve your English and not too difficult for you to understand. So how do the interactive video's on the video-based platform work?

It's actually really simple, just read the 3 step explanation below:

Step 1: Watch the video

You start by WATCHING videos, the videos you are able to watch are recommended based on your English level. You are able to tap any word in the subtitle you don't know. (Just click on the heart symbol next to the word)

Step 2: Learn the words

Next part is to LEARN the new words shown in the videos. Listen and type in the words to improve your listening skills and memorize vocabulary. 

Step 3: Speak the lines

Then you are going to SPEAK your new words in context, the system gives you instant feedback on your pronunciation and fluency. This way you are sure your pronunciation is correct!

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