What can I do if I haven't received an email from Spot On Learning?

After the coordinator adds you to my.spotonlearning.eu, we register your account, set up some things and invite you to start the program. Are you expecting an email from us, but haven't received it yet? Read this article to see what you can do. 

There can be several reasons why you haven't received an invitation email yet: 

  1. Spot On Learning is finalizing you registration. Our office is located in Amsterdam, Netherlands, which means that we might be in a different time zone than you are. Also, we only process new participants from Monday till Friday. 
  2. The invitation has gone to your spam folder. What helps is to add support@spotonlearning.nl to your contact list to ensure you will receive the email. 

In case you are not sure about what to do, you can always email us to support@spotonlearning.nl to check.

Here you can find instructions for every email provider on how to add an email to the contact list: 

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