Why does my EnglishCentral dashboard only show my progress for one week?

On your 'class home' page at EnglishCentral you can see the dashboard with your goals and progress for a given period. By default the dashboard shows your progress for a week. Your 'default' week runs from Monday to Sunday. We have set a 'standard' weekly goal for you, so that you keep practicing every week to improve your English.

If you click on the calendar sign, you can change the period for which the data is displayed in your dashboard. In this way you can always keep track of your own progress and compare it to the goals that Spot On Learning has chosen for you to help you reach the level required.

Where to find the progress dashboard

If you are using a computer and browser to access EnglishCentral this is a link to your 'Class Home' page: at EnglishCentral: https://www.englishcentral.com/myclass

If you are using the EnglishCentral app to access EnglishCentral you can find your 'Class Home' page by clicking ' My English' at the bottom of the page and then 'My Classes'.

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