What do I need for my Spot On Learning online courses and to use EnglishCentral?

For participants in Spot On Learning programs, all learning activities will take place on my.spotonlearning.eu (the place you are right now) and for all Maritime and Business English courses also on EnglishCentral.

Using my.spotonlearning.eu

All learning activities on my.spotonlearning.eu can be accessed using a PC, tablet or smartphone (mobile) using an internet browser. If you are using a recent version of any popular internet browser you will be fine. Having an internet connection of 128/64 kbps down/up should be enough to do your learning.

Using EnglishCentral

If you follow an EnglishCentral (Maritime or Business) English program you can do your learning using a PC (desktop or laptop, Windows, Mac or Chrome OS) and for most learning activities you can also use the EnglishCentral app. You need to be able to hear sound and speak using a microphone (which is nowadays often built-in into your computer and of course standard in a smartphone).

An internet speed of 1MB/second or higher is recommended to use EnglishCentral. It does work however from speeds 256/128 kbps down/up or higher*.

Level (Up) Tests by Skype

To do the test you need Skype. Skype software can be installed on a PC or a mobile device (tablet, smartphone). Read more about the (Skype) Level Up Test here.

We have written a separate article about using EnglishCentral on your computer or mobile device.


These are all things you might need to follow Spot On Learning language programs

  • A Windows computer (version 7 or higher), an Apple computer/Mac (OS 10.6 or higher), or a computer using Chromium OS (a Chromebook) 
  • For use on a PC or laptop a fairly recent browser (Chrome 25.0 or higher, Firefox 9.0 or higher, Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher, Safari 5.0 or higher). If you use Google Chrome or Firefox you don't need anything else. If you use Safari or Microsoft Edge you need the Adobe Flashplayer plugin.
  • For use on mobile devices, you need the EnglishCentral app which you can download in Apple's App Store or Google Play store.
  • An internet connection. For EnglishCentral upload and download speeds of 1 Mb/second or higher work best. Other learning activities on my.spotonlearning.eu work fine with less bandwidth*.
  • If you need to take a level test (standard in our language programs) you need a (free) Skype account and have skype installed on your computer or mobile device. On a computer, you can also use the web version of Skype using a web browser.
  • Your computer or tablet computer must be able to play sound. Built-in speakers and microphone on most recent laptops and mobile devices work fine. Most webcams are usually equipped with microphones that are good enough to "hear" the person sitting behind the computer well. However, a lot of ambient noise can interfere.
  • You need a microphone. Many people have headphones with a built-in microphone so they can phone using the internet (for example using Skype), which you can use very well for EnglishCentral. Headphones or a headset are not absolutely necessary, some of us at Spot On Learning prefer working without a headset, in-earphones or headphones, and external microphone.
  • A webcam is not a requirement when using EnglishCentral. During a skype test, you can use a webcam if you like. You can also stick to audio-only.

More about using mobile apps on a smartphone or tablet can be read here.


* Wartsila/SAM has done some research in July 2017 to find out how our learning methods work using certain limited amounts of bandwidth. EnglishCentral uses real-time speech technology and video. Having bandwidth of 256/128 kbps available means you will need some more patience to download video material. But it does work. Learning activities on my.spotonlearning.eu have proven to be fast and nimble and require less bandwidth.

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