Getting started on EnglishCentral after the Level Test

EnglishCentral guide
EnglishCentral is a video-based platform where you receive experience points for every learning activity you do.
If you watch a video you'll receive 10 points and for every word or line you speak/learn you'll receive 10 points too. 
After your Level Test, we'll assign courses to your account. When you do the bare minimum activities in the assigned courses, you'll collect +/-9.000 experience points in total. 
To enhance the chance of upgrading your English Level, we recommend you to do 12-15 videos per week thoroughly. This means: 
  1. Select all words when learning the video
  2. Select all lines when speaking the videos
  3. When the pronunciation dashboard has been generated: work on the orange and red tiles in the dashboard
  4. Besides finishing the courses, gain +/- 20.000 experience points before doing the Level Up Test
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