How does the pronunciation dashboard work?

Feedback by EnglishCentral's speech technology

The pronunciation dashboard is a unique feature of EnglishCentral. It will help you improve your accent.  The color of a tile with the phoneme symbol on it tells you if your pronunciation of that specific phoneme is weak (red), average (orange), strong (green) or unspoken (grey).

The pronunciation dashboard is generated after you have spoken enough lines for the speech engine to do its work (normally 100 lines or more). If you exercise enough you will improve your pronunciation, your number of red and orange phonemes will go down.

All phonemes are on EnglishCentral's pronunciation dashboard

39 out of 44 of the English phonemes (sounds of a language) are on your personal pronunciation dashboard. That is, if you have spoken enough lines for the system to generate it for you. Every sound has its own symbol. This is what a pronunciation dashboard looks like:

How to use the pronunciation dashboard

The phonemic alphabet is pretty difficult to read for people who have not studied a language. But don't worry. You can use the pronunciation dashboard to improve your pronunciation, even if you do not exactly know the phoneme symbols. This is what we recommend you to do:

  1. Click on a red or orange tile with a phoneme.
  2. If you want to know what the phoneme sounds like, make sure you have the sound of your computer turned on and move your mouse over the phoneme tile you want to hear. It will then be spoken out loud.
  3. Start the course that is available for each phoneme. In a video, you will see and hear a lady pronounce the phoneme. It can help a lot to look closely at the person speaking. Imitation is how we all learn to speak, and whatever your age, it will always be a powerful way to improve. Look & listen, then imitate.
  4. A second video shows an animation. It can help you get an idea of how you should use your mouth, lips and tongue to pronounce the phoneme correctly.
  5. Next videos are videos that help you exercise speaking the phoneme. You will speak words that contain the specific phoneme that you are practicing on. 
  6. After you have done your speaking exercises using the videos, you will see if you have already improved your pronunciation!

How to find your pronunciation dashboard

You can always go to your pronunciation dashboard and start exercising by going to

What is a phoneme?

A phoneme is a single (unit of) sound in a language. There are 44 phonemes in English, the phonemes in British English are a bit different from the phonemes in American English. There are two categories of phonemes:

  1. vowels
  2. consonants

There is a symbol for each phoneme. Some sounds are formed by the combination of two vowels. These double sounds are called diphthongs (like in coin, sound and side). You can see all 44 phonemes and their symbols on a webpage, the Phonemic Chart Keyboard, and there is more interesting information there about phonemes. You can also type a word and then get the phonemic transcription.

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