What are experience points?

Each time you watch, learn, speak or quiz on the player, you earn experience points.

Experience points are points you gather by working on your videos on EnglishCentral. Experience points reflect your effort in your online learning. 

How do you earn experience points? 

  • You earn 10 experience points when completing a video 
  • You earn 10 experience points per learned word 
  • You earn 10 experience points per spoken line
  • You earn 10 experience points per quizzed word in 'My Words'
  • You earn 50 experience points per GoLive! lesson

Where can I find my experience points?

In the header on the EnglishCentral webpage you'll find the 'My English' section. Here you can view your progress box. In the EnglishCentral apps, you'll find the 'experience points' button. It's the yellow/orange round button with a star. By clicking the button, you'll be able to see:

   1. How many points you have collected so far

   2. How many points you have gained in the past seven days. 


How many experience points should I get to improve?  

Short answer: as much as possible!

Long answer: 

  • Try to learn and speak at least 10 words and 10 lines per video
  • Some videos are a bit shorter than others, in that case 6 words and 6 lines are enough.
  • In the Maritime course, we would suggest learning all the words to make sure you increase your vocabulary really fast!

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