How do I read the results when applicants do two Level Tests?

Combining the two tests
All test options that Spot On Learning provides consist of a 20 minute Skype conversation with an English teacher and an optional separate multiple choice test. The combination makes the Spot On Learning testing methodology both comprehensive and practical. In this article, we will explain how to read both results.

The Level Test can be combined with the following test:

  1. An online grammar & vocabulary test
  2. An online grammar, vocabulary & reading test
  3. An online grammar, vocabulary, reading & writing test

Which one is leading? 

The Level Test is a conversation with a Filipino teacher, the teachers will check the listening, speaking, fluency, pronunciation and vocab skills. We advise using the Level Test score as a leading score because it reflects how well you can communicate in practice. When communicating it is essential to be able to understand a spoken question and to reply sufficiently. Real life does not offer you multiple choice questions. The multiple-choice test, however, is to nuance and serves as an extra measurable check to balance the assessment of the teacher. 

Therefore, we recommend following the Level Test score as leading. 

Scoring system of the multiple choice test

The method of calculation we used is as follows: for instance: the grammar & vocab test consists of 60 questions. 12 questions asked per CEFR Level (A1-A2-B1-B2-C1).

CEFR LEVEL Percentile Questions answered correctly
A1 0-20% 0-12
A2 21-40%


B1 41-60% 25-36
B2 61-80% 37-48
C1 81-100% 49-60

In the client level, you'll see the number of questions answered correctly about the total of the items asked. Participants, however, will also see a CEFR Level: A1/A2/B1/B2/C1 on the results page (which they see once they've submitted the questions). You'll also be able to view the report when you click on 'Show report.'


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