Where can I find my Skype ID?

The most important thing for your Skype Level Test, is your Skype ID. Without it, we are unable to invite you for the test. So if you already have a Skype account, and you also know what your Skype ID is, perfect!
If not, don't worry,  we will guide you along the way.


Often you log in to Skype with either an e-mail address or with the Skype ID, so if you don't use your mail address as a login, you now know what your Skype ID is. 
If not, we will show you how to find it. 

If you are using a mobile app (cellphone, tablet) you can go to your settings, and you will find the Skype ID there. As seen in the screenshot below, marked in red. 

If you are using a web browser, just click on your Skype name, next to your profile picture, and a small profile overview will pop up. 
Here you can find your Skype ID right under your name.  In the screenshot below we have marked it in red. 


 If you do not have a Skype account, you have to make one. All you need is an e-mail address and a password. Skype will then generate your Skype ID. 

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